November 8, 2016

5 Best Practices for Winter Ready Hair

UPDATED: 10.30.2017


Don’t accept a wintry fate of dull dry brittle hair. The chilled air outside, combined with the toasty warm air indoors, robs the hair of all its moisture making it more prone to breakage due to dryness. So today I’m giving you my 5 Best Practices for Winter Ready Hair.

  1. Trim those ends friends 
    Regular trims are a general healthy hair practice every 6 to 12 weeks. A light dusting will aid in minimizing dry and splitting ends, which can creep up the hair shaft as the hair becomes drier and create even more damage. Trimming regularly will also makes your hair feel and look healthier and appear thicker and shinier.
  2. Less Shampoos
    fewer washes will prevent your hair from drying out. Make sure on wash days your tresses are completely dry before venturing outdoors. The added moisture in your hair combined with the cold air will make it more brittle and dry. Winter months are not the time for wash and go styles 
  3. Deep Conditioning
    If you haven’t already made this apart of your regular hair care regimen, now is the time. The winter air is so harsh on hair and deep conditioning at least once a week will become your hair’s weekly therapy. These types of treatments replenish the moisture loss due to dry heat in your home and the cold winter air. They also strengthen the hair which helps with moisture retention especially for color/chemically treated hair.
  4. Satin or Silk
    Wearing a silk or satin scarf under your wool beanies and hats will not only prevent hat hair, but also minimize dryness and protect against the rubbing on your hair that can potentially cause friction/traction alopecia. Check out ManeMondays for an easy way to protect without wearing the scarf
  5. Humidifiers
    I know what you’re probably thinking humidity causes frizz in the hair, but in the winter months the heat in the air at home promotes dryness and the humidifier imparts moisture back into the air making it a saving grace for your skin and hair.Bonus Practice: Your skin will thank you for giving it some daily TLC by keeping it hydrated and moisturized especially throughout the winter months. Here’s a great guide to the Best Face Moisturizers of 2017!




Want more? Watch ManeMondays for Bonus TIPS of my 5 Best Practices for Winter Ready Hair 

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